A manual pull down screen for sun and insect control

Wizard Screen Solutions introduces SmartScreen a versatile manual pull down screening system for windows, openings and garage doors. SmartScreen provides convenient insect control and UV protection. SmartScreen pull down screens feature a captured edge which prevents blow-outs. Manual pull down screens are custom made for your application.






Manual Pull Down Screen

SmartScreen is the perfect solution for vertical screening. A unique floating track system provides smooth and easy operation. It takes only seconds to
Slide n’ Stop the screen anywhere along its tracks. Pin locks further secure the pull bar in place.

Expand Your Living Space

Finish Options
Mesh Options

Maximum Sizes

Standard: Up to 14′ wide x 9′ drop
Solar: Up to 12′ wide x 8′ drop
Privacy: Up to 12′ wide x 7′ drop

Housing Size